The high-quality slalom pole with anti-rupture guarantee

Skipp slalom poles are homologated and used in the world cup as well as other high-level races and trainings. The flex poles, for example, have been used at the world cup in Val Gardena (downhill skiing) and in Kitzbühel at the Super G and downhill skiing. Skipp slalom poles are especially popular because of their rupture safety.

It’s all about the material
Skipp slalom poles are manufactured from premium material. Only this way, it is possible to keep the number of ruptures as low as possible. The right polycarbonate mixture and the special structure of the poles make it possible that it can stand up to extreme situations better than competing products. Skipp slalom poles persist even at -30 °C.

Should there be a rupture, it will always be a “straight” one. No points which could be dangerous for the sportsmen are formed.

Years of optimisation
During years of passionate product development, ruptures and rupture frequency of Skipp slalom poles have been strictly observed and the product has constantly been optimised.

But not only financially flex poles are advantageous. High rupture safety also means less work for the piste operators and race organisors. No poles need to be replaced, which guarantees smooth trainings and races.

Stop ruptures!
Go for Skipp slalom poles on your slopes straight away! The Skipp team is happy to offer you an informative consultation.



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