We are convinced that a good product which is suitable for certain requirements in certain fields can only be developed by people who move in this field every day.
That is why we use our extensive experience from the slope service and race organisation and our numerous contacts to skiing clubs and coaches to adjust our service as good as possible to their demands.

Innovation and flexibility come first. We offer customised solutions which are always up-to-date with the available technology and exactly match the customers’ wishes. Many times that requires an entirely new development for a special order which we can realise thanks to our short decision-making processes and fast production.

Good quality is crucial. It brings safety for the skier and in the end saving of costs for the buyer. We invest a lot of time and energy into the development of materials which last long and thus meet our high security standards.

We are convinced that customers are satisfied when price, quality and service match and in all these points Skipp has come to a very good position in the course of years, as many customers world-wide can confirm!