Slalom poles for the slopes

For decades, we at Skipp have been doing research on the perfect flex pole. We have developed materials which remain consistent under all known climatic influences. We have developed a bottom part which adjusts to every ground.

Everyone who regularly engages in ski races or race trainings knows how important the flex pole is at an event. Whether it is downhill skiing or superski – slalom poles have to hold well in the ground, cannot pose a danger to the sportsmen, have to be robust and should still be of the lowest resistance to the person in case of contact. And as if all those demands weren’t enough, it should work at +4 °C as well as at -30 °C..

Applying dozens or hundreds of poles takes time and needs staff. Time which you sometimes don’t have or could use better. It is very important that the poles can be put in every ground easily and also stay there, because during the race reliability is the prime principle. Broken or ripped out poles do not only delay the event, they also endanger spectators and athletes.

Why you should buy Skipp slalom poles? We can tell you:

  • High resistance to rupture and 3 years guarantee
  • Purpose-developed material for maximum temperature-compatibility
  • Ideal combination of flex pole and Quick Screw Felber bottom part
  • Fast and competent service
  • Direct contact to the team of developers, also for special requirements

Change your stock today to Skipp slalom poles and concentrate only on your events without worrying about your equipment. Call now and ask for a non-binding consultation.



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