Unbenannt-6Innovative protection for more safety on and near the slopes

For the operators of a skiing area or the organisors of winter sports races, safety on the slopes is the highest priority. Accurate barriers, ideal protection mats and slalom poles with special rupture safety can be life-saving in winter sports.

Skipp offers nets for piste boundaries with standars meshing o with tighter meshing (for world cup races), marking poles which int at potential dangers or bottle necks and boundary poles with fluorescent colour which are visible with any weather. They are thus especially suitable to mark slope boundaries.

The fluorescent pole – for better orientation
In the mountains, there can be extreme weather conditions. To make sure people can still move on the slopes even with poor visibility, Skipp has developed a special slalom pole.

The Flash pole is a slope-marking pole with LEDs integrated in the upper luminous part which flash every 1.5 seconds. This light signal subserves better orientation. The LEDs work with batteries which are charged through solar panels. This guarantees continuous functioning during the whole winter season. During the summer break, the batteries can be removed and stored.

Double Protect – the new crash protection mat
Another contribution to safety is made by the newly developed Skipp Double-Protect Mat. If you hit into a very narrow area of a traditional mat, you quickly touch the hard surface. Thanks to a new structure, the impact surface in the Double-Protect Mat is enlarged and a much bigger part of the mat is involved in putting a damper on the collision. This way, the impact can be slowed down a lot more than in traditional mats with the same thickness.



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