Barely an industry puts such high demands on the used products as the Alpine sector. It’s all about durability at extreme temperatures, user friendliness, low maintenance and innovative solutions for high protection.

Our products fulfil these requirements already with flying colours. However, every day we aim to improve these aspects.

Always one step ahead
We regularly stay in contact with slope operators and ski coaches from all over the world and use our large network and years of experience to recognise new trends at an early stage and be able to offer adequate products and solutions. Many of our clients witnessed how fast and effective we master even the most difficult challenges.

Quality at a high price?
The quality of the materials is crucial for the quality of the end product. That is why we only use selected materials which we sometimes produce ourselves to make sure the results comply with our high standards. But this doesn’t show in the price. We are not more expensive than our competitors but at the same time more flexible, reliable and faster.

Technology from the piste for the piste
Being close to the products we provide has proved a recipe for our success. All Skipp products are characterised by:

  • modern technology and solutions perfectly customised according to the area of usage
  • the best materials, sometimes produced by ourselves, to get high-quality results
  • constant and fast adjustments to new challenges
  • our developers are on the slopes every day and know exactly what our clients need

Arrange a non-binding consultation to get a better idea of our services.  You will see – Skipp products hold their promises, for several years!



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