Quicker anchoring with the Skipp Push

For ten years now we have been researching and working on a system to guarantee very simple operation while offering safe and sure anchoring in all types of snow.

Our Skipp Push is a patented quick-screw system that consists of two parts – a fine thread and a brush element – and can either be simply pushed in or alternatively screwed in. The practical shape of the gate base gives it a lateral grip along its entire length, ensuring that the slalom pole remains vertical for the entire training session. It also gives the brushes more space, which in turn prevents unwanted icing.

A further advantage of the Skipp Push is its diameter, which matches that of the poles, meaning that they can be simply stored together.

If the snow conditions vary, simply change the drill bit. For soft snow use a diameter of 32 mm, while on icy pistes use one of 35 mm.

Our new, innovative system offers the best possible preparation for all weather conditions and all piste and snow situations. Combined with our high-quality, shatterproof slalom poles you have an unbeatable team for problem-free training and safe racing!

The advantages of the Skipp Push in brief:

  • One system for all snow and slope types
  • Fixing requires simple pushing or screwing/li>
  • Functional shape guarantees poles remain in vertical position/li>
  • Problem-free removal after training/li>
  • Ease of storage/li>

Call us directly for a practical demonstration of Skipp Push. We are sure that you will be delighted!



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